About Us

What We Do

MegaConnect.ai is a tech company that sells top-quality leads to buyers from the consumer loan marketing industry.

Our main goal is to connect trusted lenders with potential borrowers. For that purpose, we have created a proprietary software with robust filtering tools. Additionally, we have worked on expanding our network of reliable publishers. These help us reach best-performing leads only.

A team of financial experts stands behind MegaConnect.ai. So, everything we do here aligns with the best industry practices and the latest lending trends. Our experienced in-house legal team, moreover, ensures our compliance with all applicable laws.

What We Believe In

  • High-Quality Leads
  • Flexible Partnership Models
  • Full Legal Compliance
  • Continuous Quality Control
  • Latest Technology
  • Fair Working Practices
  • Dedicated Client Support

What We Offer

Lenders in our network get to choose between two investment plans. We offer pay per lead and pay by click programs. With a state-of-the-art ping-tree model, our partners pay only for accepted leads. We also empower you to set spending limits and control the size of your investment.

Our smart way of doing business works for everyone involved. We build strong partnerships. Our partners are in for the high lead conversion rates. Suitable loans from trusted lenders are your borrowers’ gain. In terms of loan types, we currently work with payday loan leads and personal loan leads.

The MegaConnect.ai platform comes with strong filtering capabilities. Plus, it ensures you receive borrowers specifically interested in your product. Lead targeting is one of the cornerstones of our operations. The other two are constant quality control and compliance. We aim to provide the best service possible, and you shouldn’t be afraid to take advantage of it.

Why Work With Us

As a reliable brand with many years of experience, we aim at helping our partners grow. MegaConnect.ai boasts an excellent reputation, and we work hard to ensure it stays that way. What is the simplest strategy to maintain our integrity? By providing leads that meet our partners’ strict standards, of course.

With our cutting-edge software, only borrowers within your specific criteria will go through. Thus, maximizing your chances of growing your business with our help. We aren’t interested in building short-term relationships and generating low-quality leads. Instead, we focus on doing our best, so that everyone involved is happy after an agreement is signed.

Our proprietary algorithm makes sure that under-performing leads never make it to lenders. Our quality control team ensures we stick to our high operating standards. Our dedicated customer care agents guarantee your voice is heard. So, whenever you have suggestions about our partnership, feel free to share them.

Are you interested in getting top-performing leads from reliable sources?

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