Payday Loan Leads

What makes MegaConnect.ai a great partner for payday loan lenders in the USA?

Proprietary Software

Our team of experts has developed proprietary software that guarantees top-quality and soaring conversion rates.

Constant Improvement

Growth is a never-ending process for us, and we always work on improving our selling payday loan leads game.

On Spot Leads

Forget about low-quality leads that never convert into customers and reach the borrowers that suit your target audience.

We have the leads you want!

As a payday loan lender, you get reliable and tested leads. We perform regular audits and use filters to make sure only relevant clients reach your offers. MegaConnect.ai is a trusted payday leads provider to a vast number of partners. You can quickly join our network of lenders and reap the benefits of our broad reach. Thanks to the long list of trusted and safe publishers, we obtain tons of leads. Our proprietary platform does the rest by weeding out any inaccurate or low-quality options. Your success is secured with us.

Two Partnership Models

If you look to buy payday loan leads online, you’ve come to the right place! MegaConnect.ai and our financial experts work tirelessly to help our partners grow. One of the ways we accomplish this is by offering them two partnership models. You can Pay Per Lead or Pay By Click. With our range of filters, you can rest assured that our fresh leads will match your underwriting criteria. Our pingtree model ensures you pay for legit and actual leads only. Alternatively, pay for any real-time clicks you receive from us. Either way, you get excellent value for your investment.

We Want Your Feedback

Partnerships are a two-way street for us. MegaConnect.ai cares about its partners. We continuously work on improving our services by upgrading the features of our proprietary software. We don’t only sell payday loan leads. We sell the most relevant ones too. That’s why we boast with soaring conversion rates. Still, if you have any ideas or comments, we’re always open to further improvements.