Personal Loan Leads

Top reasons why MegaConnect can provide you with high-quality personal loan leads

Advanced Technology

We use a top-class proprietary software and advanced technology to get you the best-performing leads only.

Lead Targeting

We guarantee adequate personal loan lead generation via smart lead targeting that sends target audience clients only.

Constant Quality Control

We continuously monitor collected data and verify its authenticity because that’s what gets you top-notch leads.

We can help you reach the desired audience!

We don’t merely sell personal loan leads to our lenders. Instead, with targeted clicks, we make sure you get the clients that fit your parameters. Our filtering tools remove any leads that don’t fall within your standards. You can target borrowers from a certain age, location, or income level. Just tell us who your preferred customers are. Our proprietary software will take care of the rest. Plus, we will never bother any lender in our network with low-quality leads. Our top-class quality control makes sure only accurate, and high-performing leads reach you.

We are compliant!

MegaConnect.ai boasts its own legal team, led by an experienced attorney. We are fully compliant with all the applicable federal and state regulations. We expect the same from any lender in our network too. We have been on the market for years and aim to operate for a long time as well. Our company is recognized as a safe and trusted partner to many lenders. Join us today and buy personal loan leads from a world-class brand.

Pay per lead or by click!

Our secured lead generation platform makes sure you receive correct and top leads. On the other hand, our business model ensures you are free to invest as it suits you. Do you prefer to pay per personal loan lead online? No problem! With a ping-tree model and dynamic pricing, you get to spend as much as your budget allows you to. Does pay by click sounds better to you? We offer that option too!