To ensure that we provide top-notch leads with the best chance for conversion, we’ve developed a patented quality control process that delivers results. Our proprietary technology investigates the quality of the leads through a strict systematic procedure that strives to ensure a spectacular ROI.

We have a fantastic team of dedicated Account Representatives that work tirelessly to ensure that our leads. However, we don’t stop there! Here at, we want our leads to form part of your portfolio! Your Account Representative will work alongside you to ensure that our leads are a hit! At, our account representatives offer constant monitoring, reporting, while also making the proper adjustments to adapt and innovate.

How Does Our Software Filter for Quality Control?

We collect our data from a vast number of sources. We then verify their locations using IP geolocation.
We audit our data by comparing it to several databases to ensure that their information provided is accurate.
Our software uses a proprietary algorithm to rank our leads. If they aren’t up to snuff, we don’t present them to our lender partners.
Using our buyers’ filters to present the types of leads they want. If you have found success in a particular niche, we can cater to that!
We audit our leads daily. An expert analyst ensures that all the leads that are sent out to our buyers have completed the quality control process.

We Listen Because We Care! knows how important it for our lender partners to receive the types of leads that fit their needs. Because of this, we also have a fantastic team of dedicated Customer Consultants. They make sure to listen to your needs and work with you to monitor your campaigns and ensure your ROI.

Our team has years of experience and knowledge within the industry to deliver the ideal prospects based on your campaign filters. They are also in charge of monitoring our strict and robust quality control protocols. Since we take the time to listen to your needs, we can offer loan leads that meet your specific campaign requirements.

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